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Ray Lewis

A message from Principal Moore

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A message from Principal Moore

To all of our Legends I wanted to let you know
Yesterday to the school, I had to go

Staff were allowed to come in to pick up some stuff
Because we know that learning from home can really be tough

I was able to wave and shout a hello
But to get too close, I was not able to go

It was great to see some of the Ray Lewis team
But also sad in a way, if you know what I mean

With schools staying closed for the rest of the year
I may not be able to see the rest of you Legends, I fear

Once everyone had left, I wandered the halls
So many memories and faces I was able to recall

The school seems so lonely with nobody there
So I took a few pictures, so that I could share

Thinking of you all, during this unprecedented time
So I sat and I wrote this little poem to you in rhyme

On behalf of the entire staff of RLES
Stay home, stay safe; we wish you the best

When our doors re-open, we will welcome you back
In the meantime keep learning, to stay on track

Pursue the DREAM and continue to try your best
You are a Legend after all….better than the rest!

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour
A present to you, from Principal Moore



Updated on Monday, May 25, 2020.
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