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Ray Lewis

Class Building Information

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Class Building Information

Staff will be engaging in the class building process in the coming weeks. Each year, we allow parents to provide additional information about their child that you would like us to take into consideration during the class building process. If you have a compelling educational reason for your child’s placement, please send that information along to your child’s homeroom teacher or forward to the office through raylewis@hwdbsb.on.ca

Please remember that this is not an opportunity to request a certain teacher or be placed with friends. Your input should be based on your child’s strengths, needs and learning style.

Once class placements are finalized, due to staffing and class caps, no changes can be made. So if you have compelling educational input, please take this opportunity to provide that to the school.

Thank you

Class Building Info Sheet (1)

Updated on Wednesday, May 13, 2020.
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