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Queen Victoria


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Queen Victoria Staff


Ms. Kuzmichuk Kindergarten
Ms. C. Wilson Kindergarten
Ms. M. Wilson Kindergarten
Ms. Smith Kindergarten
Ms. Dykstra Kindergarten
Ms. Charters Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Flavour Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Cole Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Francis & Ms. Campbell Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Cirillo Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Preston Grade One
Ms. Skirrow Grade One
Ms. Martin Grade One
Ms. Jackson & Ms. Radotic Grade One/Two
Ms. Thompson Grade Two
Mr. MacNeil Grade Two
Ms. Bonca Grades Two
Ms. Taylor Grade Three
Ms. Snell Grades Three
Ms. Turk Grade Three
Ms. McKenna/Mr. Stowe Grade Four
Ms. Fisher Grades Four
Ms. Berneshawi Grade Three/Four
Ms. Apanavicius Grades Five
Mr. Sackfie Grades Five
Ms. Barber & Ms. Opie Grade Six
Mr. May Grades Five/Six
Ms. Kellie & Mr. Gilbert Grade Six/Seven
Ms. Hone Grade Seven
Ms. Iavarone Grade Seven/Eight
Ms. Dhaliwal Grade Eight
Ms. Hicks Grade One Speech & Language
Ms. Balardo, Ms. Marcotte, Ms. McDonald French Second Language
Mr. Bradbury Learning Commons
Ms. Paquette, Ms. Scott, Ms. Kirat, Ms. Procyshen Learning Resource Teacher
Ms. James Physical Education/Kindergarten Prep
Ms. Guthro Physical Education/Prep Coverage
Ms. Pitt Music
Ms. Turingia ASD class
Ms. McLoughlin ASD class
Mr. Moses Student Success
Ms. Topper Reading Specialist
Ms. Cochrane, Ms. Forbeck, Ms. MacNeil English Second Language
Ms. Topper Reading Specialist
Ms. Guiliano Educational Assistant
Ms. Hesse Educational Assistant
Ms. Alfieri Educational Assistant
Mr. Levely Educational Assistant
Ms. Madia Educational Assistant
Ms. Taylor Educational Assistant
Ms. Cane Educational Assistant
Ms. Best Educational Assistant
Ms. Angel Educational Assistant
Ms. List Educational Assistant
Ms. Armenia-McIntyre Educational Assistant
Ms. Guzman Educational Assistant
Ms. Deveau Educational Assistant
Ms. Clarke Educational Assistant
Ms. Donald Educational Assistant
Ms. Aparicio Head Caretaker
Mr. Pavao Caretaker
Ms. Girardi Caretaker
Ms. Hayward Head Office Administrator
Ms. Moriarity Office Administrator
Ms. Pasian Vice-Principal
Ms. Sweeting Principal



Updated on Friday, July 27, 2018.
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