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Queensdale School offers a very extensive and diverse educational environment where all students are exposed to quality daily learning. Our school focuses on developing our learning skills and creating a fully inclusive and collaborative environment where we all co-learn together.  Our enrollment of 350 students is comprised of 16 regular Full Day Kindergarten to Grade 8 classes and one Primary/Junior Deaf/Hard of Hearing Class.

Queensdale is an ECO School dedicated to environmental awareness and action through several ECO Initiatives (Waste Free Wed, rain garden, Green Team etc.). Queensdale offers several after school programs (e.g. After School Scholars Program, Artshine, Mad Science) extra curricular activities (e.g. coding, swim, volleyball, basketball, drama, softball, cross country, student senate, track, soccer, social justice etc.) and an Umbrella Before and After School Child Care Program.

Queensdale Staff List 2022-23

Teacher Grade Room #
Ms. Costantini
Ms. Hall – DECE
FDK – JK/SK A Room 107
Ms. Borges
Ms. Bennett – DECE
FDK – JK/SK B Room 108
Ms. McCullough FDK – JK/SK C Room 104
Ms. Tunstead Gr.  1A Room 136
Ms. Huurman Gr.  1/2A Room 139
Ms. Morin Gr. 2/3A Room 103
Ms. Asrani Gr. 2A Room 137
Ms. Youssef (LTO)  Gr. 3/4A Room 140
Ms. Lubrick (LTO) Gr. 3/4B Room 130
Ms. Murray Gr. 4/5A Portable 3
Ms. Carey Gr. 5A Room 126
Mr. Szpiech Gr. 5/6A Portable 2
Ms. Karamath Gr. 6/7A Room 129
Ms. Blanchette Gr. 7/8A Room 125
Ms. Wong Gr. 8A Room 128
Ms. Rossi DHOH Room 132
Mr. Grechulk Phys. Ed/DHOH/French Room 124
Ms. Almas Core French Portable 1
Ms. Novosad (Day 2 & 3) Learning Resource Room 134B
Ms. Aromin LTO (Day 1, 4 & 5) Learning Resource Room 134B
Mr. Hahn ESL (Day 3-5) Room 124
Ms. Muschella 0.5 Reading Specialist Room 134A
Mr. Tudor Music(Day 1-4)/Art/FDKA Room 124
Ms. Brohman Ed. Assistant
Ms. McGregor Ed. Assistant
Ms. Upper Ed. Assistant
Ms. DiFazio Ed. Assistant
Ms. Thomas Head Caretaker
TBA Caretaker (Afternoon)
Ms. Gasparik (Acting) Principal
Ms. Villeneuve Office Admin.

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Updated on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.
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