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Staff List – 2023/2024

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Mount Hope Elementary – Staff List 2023/2024

JKSKA Ms Hils & Ms Elliott
JKSKB Ms Christensen (LTO Ms Ritchie) & Ms Pokoradi (LTO Ms Hein)
JKSKC Ms Thomson & Ms Alves
JKSKD Mr Thompson & Ms Lone
Class 1A Ms Wright
Class 1B Mr Chabot
Class 1/2A Ms French (LTO Ms Sandhu)
Class 2A Ms Casalanguida
Class 2/3A Ms Maccullouch
Class 3A Ms Stringer
Class 3B Ms Beattie
Class 4A Ms Thornton (LTO Ms McMillan)
Class 4/5A Ms Murdoch
Class 4/5B Ms Heslop (LTO Ms Beam)
Class 5A Ms Wills
Class 6A Ms Vandyk
Class 6/7A Mr Cobb
Class 7A Mr Gerrard
Class 7/8A Ms Kircos
Class 8A Ms Watts
Learning Resource Ms Kondo
Physical Education Ms Strecker
Physical Education & Prep Mr McAvella
French Mme Young
Jr French & Prep Mme Romanidis
Primary Prep Ms Groff
Library & Music Mr Feenstra
Educational Assistant Ms Raposo
Educational Assistant Ms Leduc
Educational Assistant Ms Young (LTO Grant)
Educational Assistant Ms Power
Educational Assistant Ms McKellar
Educational Assistant Ms Oliveira
Facilities Management Mr Thompson
Facilities Management Mr Mota
Facilities Management Ms McBurney
Office Administrator Ms Folino
Office Assistant Ms Barone
Principal Ms Burnagiel
Updated on Monday, May 06, 2024.
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