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Hamilton Public Library Cards for Hess Street Students

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Hamilton Public Library Cards for Hess Street Students

hpl postcardHamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) has partnered with Hamilton Public Library (HPL) to simplify the library card registration process for students.  

Hess Street families can visit Parent Portal to opt-in and consent to HWDSB sharing information with HPL to get a public library card for elementary students. If you consent, your child’s library card will be mailed to your home address, FREE of charge.  

Click here to learn more about library cards from HPL. 

Hamilton Public Library Card Opt-In 

On Parent Portal, Hess Street families can visit the Hamilton Public Library Card Opt-In page to consent to their information being shared with HPL. Here is a screenshot from Parent Portal: 

screenshot from HPL parent portal page

Once you have opted-in, HPL will mail your child’s free library card to your home address. 

Please note that library cards are not associated with HWDSB. For any changes, or if you change your mind and no longer consent to your child having a library card, please click here to contact HPL directly. 

Library Card Benefits 

Library cards for students help to support HWDSB’s Reading Strategy as well as Right to Read recommendations from The Ontario Human Rights Commission’s 2022 inquiry report. This special opportunity from HPL allows children and youth to practice valuable reading skills over the summer, which contributes to student achievement and well-being. 

Library cards are free to anyone living, working or studying in Hamilton. With a library card, students can: 

  • Use it at any Library branch in Hamilton. 
  • Borrow books, CDs, movies, magazines, video games and more. 
  • Access online resources such as newspapers, articles and special databases. 
  • Download eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, movies and magazines. 
  • Use Library computers and printers. 
  • Use digital media labs and Makerspaces. 
  • Participate in free literacy, technology, and art-based programming. 
  • Access Hamilton’s Civic Museums for free. 

Click the following links to visit the HPL website and learn more about library cards, visiting local branches, current programs, useful services, and more.  

Updated on Wednesday, June 14, 2023.
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