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Hess Street
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Bell Times

8:50 AM - 3:10 PM


EQAO Results


Estella Jones - 905.527.1439 | Email


Sue Dunlop - 905.527.5092 x 2673 | E-mail Sue Dunlop


Christine Bingham - 289.339.6902 | E-mail Christine Bingham

School Council Chair

Mr. D. Heska

Administrative Office Staff

  • Mrs. C. Lane – Office Administrator
  • Mrs. T. Pinnock – Office Assistant

Our School

Hess Street Public school is located in the downtown core, in close proximity to Hamilton’s waterfront and many of Hamilton’s cultural and business facilities. The school has served this area since 1882. The original building was replaced in 1974. The school has a diverse ethnic and cultural population, with students from over thirty countries, speaking over thirty- five different languages.

Some of our students come directly from refugee camps and have no formal education. Many of our households are led by single parents, with almost half of our families working to rise above the designated poverty level. Our teachers, students and parents value the educational opportunities available and work hard to maximize these opportunities. We receive support from community partnerships formed with The Hamilton Spectator, The Rotary Club, local churches and a variety of community groups. The work that they do supports the philosophy that “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Programs & Services

Student Sucess Supports

  • All Star Reading Program (Rotary Club Adult Volunteers)
  • Visiting Authors Rotary Club: Funding for the revitalization of the School Library and Computer Lab
  • A daily breakfast program (supported by community agencies)
  • Educational Assistant (Mentor program) support for grade seven students, designed to solve social problems that limit academic success
  • Mentors from Big Brothers and Big Sisters Associations
  • Swish Worker
  • Classroom volunteers for small group instruction

Program Highlights

  • English as a Second Language classes
  • Team teaching
  • Job embedded planning and activities for Differentiated Instruction


  • Homework Club
  • Grade Six “Lord of the Rings” Book Club
  • Boys’ Grade Three Book Club
  • Checkers Club
  • Go Girls Club
  • Yeo Men Club
  • Empower Hour for ESL Students
  • Read to Suceed with the Hamilton Bulldogs
  • Wesley Centre After School Program

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Homework Club
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Swim Team
  • Pitch
  • Band
  • Choir (Primary & Junior)
  • Breakfast Club

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

  • We have a strong focus on Literacy and all staff is committed to delivering a balanced literacy program. We have the support of a Literacy Improvement Project Teacher and Educational Assistant. We have a leveled book room and all students participate in a home reading program with monthly celebrations and draw prizes. We are working in partnership with the Rotary Club to revitalize our library and computer lab.  The Rotary Club also supports our grade three students through the All Star Reading Program.
  • Our two special education teachers and six E.S.L teachers support our students in developing English Language skills and learning skills strategies necessary for maximizing each student’s learning.
  • Our staff receives ongoing professional development on Balanced Literacy and the use of data to inform instructional practice.

Environment Focus

  • Our Code of Conduct guides us as we build a culture of respect so that all staff, students and volunteers welcome and embrace our multi-cultural student population at Hess Street. Respect and problem solving are modeled and explored through daily interactions and the curriculum. We will continue to work to create an awareness, acceptance and celebration of our cultural similarities and differences, customs and beliefs so that we can all feel safe and accepted as we work and learn together.

Parent & Community Involvement


  • The Hamilton Spectator has recently partnered with our school and is offering a variety of supports such as books for our library and offer not only monetary support or transportation for trips, but offer opportunities for free admission to plays and sports events for groups of students.
  • The Rotary Club runs the “The All Star Reading Program”, sponsors visits by Authors, is supporting the revitalization of our school library and computer lab and provides celebrations for our students such as our Christmas pancake breakfast.
  • Community groups and churches offer both monetary and volunteer assistance.
  • SISO works closely with our new immigrants by providing translators and information about community resources.
  • Big Brothers and Sisters provide mentors, who visit students once a week to engage in academic and social activities.


  • Parents are involved in volunteering in classrooms, helping with class trips and working in the library.
  • Parent volunteers are actively involved in any special events or celebrations in the school. They help with special dinners, delivering Christmas baskets,  lice head checks, etc.
Updated on Thursday, June 07, 2018.
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