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More February Updates!

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More February Updates!

Morning Drop-Off and Afterschool Pick-Up Safety Reminders

We have observed and received reported safety concerns during pick up and drop off times. We must always consider the safety of our children first and be respectful to each other while on school property.  Please remember:

  • No drop off / pick up is to take place in the Helen Detwiler staff parking lot (closest parking lot to St. Marguerite) unless you have an accessible parking pass.
  • The roundabout area is only for quick drop off / pick up only. There should be NO double parking/dropping off in the Kiss & Ride.  Please ensure that children are only exiting the vehicle when you are stopped at the curb.  DO NOT let children cross into oncoming/moving traffic within the Kiss & Ride area.
  • While in the roundabout area, please ensure your children are getting out of the vehicle from the passenger side ONLY.
  • If you are planning on parking at Helen Detwiler, please use the available parking lot that is closest to the soccer field and/or finding a spot on the local side streets.  Please be mindful of all municipal parking by-laws. DO NOT stop or park in front of the school as this is a bus loading zone. The city of Hamilton By-Law officer has be contacted and they will be monitoring traffic during pick up and drop off times.

Thank you for working with the school and the community to keep our students safe!

Black History Month

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February is Black History and Heritage Month in Ontario and across Canada. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada following a motion introduced by the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament, the Honorable Jean Augustine. During Black History Month, many educators focus on the history and accomplishments of people of African heritage. Students and staff engage in various activities to celebrate Black culture and history and explore the achievements and significant contributions Black Canadians have made to help Canada become the diverse and strong nation it is today.

Student Council Update

  • In recognition of Valentine’s Day on February 14th and the upcoming Pink Shirt Day on February 22nd, Student Council will be leading the school over the next couple of weeks in recognizing random acts of kindness.  Two bulletin boards will soon be on display (one in the main foyer and one in the portapak) to honour all those who have made a kind gesture toward someone else in our school.
  • Friendship Dance on Valentine’s Day – Middle School students in Grades 6-8 will be promoting random acts of kindness and honouring all those who are kind to to others at this dance during Periods 5 and 6.  For those students who do not wish to attend, a games room will also be offered as an alternate space for friends to socialize.
  • Environmental Initiative Assembly – Thursday, Feb 16th Period 3 (11am) – A notice will soon be going home regarding this exciting new initiative that the Student Council is instigating but first, they need to explain it to the whole school at this assembly.  Please also note that the Choir will also be performing at the end of this assembly and community guests are welcome to attend.

Extra-Curricular Activities Update

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The co-ed Junior and Intermediate Helen Detwiler Soccer League has officially started at it’s great to see so many student sign up to participate in the gym during nutrition breaks. The Helen Detwiler Checkers Academy is also in full swing as students are practicing for the upcoming HWDSB Checkers Tournament! Finally, our Afterschool Fitness Club for grade 6 – 8 students has resumed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Updated on Friday, February 10, 2023.
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