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More January Updates!

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More January Updates!

Families Worrying Less Together

If you are a parent/primary caregiver of a student in Grade JK- 2 or Grade 3-8 who is excessively shy, or has intense worries and fears, come learn about the “Families Worrying Less Together” program. This program will give you practical strategies to help your child learn to cope differently. Please note: This program is for parents and primary caregivers, children do not attend.

Please join a board hosted information night via MS Teams on January 17, 2023 from either 12-1pm or 6-7pm to learn more about the Families Worrying Less Together program. For more information, click here: FWLT Info Night January 2023

Growing Together: A Community Education Guide for Parents, Youth and Children

Growing Together is a community education guide for parents/caregivers, families, children and youth listing courses, groups and workshops available in and around Hamilton, or virtually, from January to April 2023. Offered by a variety of local community agencies, the programs and services published in this guide are designed to help parents, children, youth and others learn new skills to better meet the challenges facing today’s families. To view the guide, click here: Growing-Together-Guide-January-to-April-2023

January School Council Meeting

Our next school council meeting will be held on Thursday, January 19th at 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm in our school library/learning commons.

School Lockdown Drill #2 – Friday, January 20th, 2023

Our school will be holding our second secure schools lockdown protocol drill, so that staff and students are prepared in case of an emergency on Friday January 20th. We appreciate the co-operation of our students and staff during the drill. It is also important that we all remain aware of secure schools terminology used in all of Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

You can learn more about HWDSB’s approach to secure schools at https://hwdsb.info/secureschools


Updated on Friday, January 13, 2023.
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