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Terry Fox Run – October 1st

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Terry Fox Run – October 1st

Hello Helen Detwiler Community,

On Friday, October 1st, our Helen Detwiler community will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  Students will be running within their own cohort throughout the day to ensure that students are physically distanced and safe.

This year, we’d like to not only honour Terry‘s personal legacy, but also draw attention to his family’s Metis heritage. This year’s t-shirt, which can beo ordered directly from the Terry Fox organization, includes floral beading that represents the flowers from the land on which Terry‘s ancestors lived, and they also share the message “Try like Terry” in English, French and the Metis traditional language of Michif.
At this time, we can’t take any cash donations or use pledge sheets, so if you wish to donate, please see below.

We look forward to a great run!

-The Helen Detwiler Team

Updated on Friday, September 24, 2021.
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