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Parking and Student Drop Off/Pick Up

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Parking and Student Drop Off/Pick Up

Hello Helen Detwiler Community,

As the weather begins to change, more and more families are opting to drop off and pick up their children from school.  With the increase in traffic, we must always consider the safety of our children first.  Here are a few reminders:

  1. No drop off / pick up is to take place in the Helen Detwiler staff parking lot (closest parking lot to St. Marguerite) unless you have an accessible parking pass.
  2. Kiss & Ride – The Kiss & Ride area is only for quick drop off / pick up only.  No one should be parking in the Kiss & Ride area.  Drivers should NOT leave their vehicle for any purpose.  Drivers will be asked to move their vehicle if they are parked and/or their vehicle is left unattended.
  3. Kiss & Ride – There should be NO double parking/dropping off in the Kiss & Ride.  Please ensure that children are only exiting the vehicle when you are stopped at the curb.  DO NOT let children cross into oncoming/moving traffic within the Kiss & Ride area.
  4. While in the Kiss & Ride, please ensure your children are getting out of the vehicle from the passenger side ONLY.
  5. If you are planning on parking at Helen Detwiler, please use the available parking lot that is closest to the soccer field and/or finding a spot on the local side streets.  Please be mindful of all municipal parking by-laws.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


The Helen Detwiler Community

Updated on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.
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