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George L. Armstrong

Announcements for Thursday November 2, 2023

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Announcements for Thursday November 2, 2023

Recycling team please collect recycling during 1st nutrition break today.

Drama club is cancelled today!!

There will be a Jr girls and Sr boys combined practice today at 2nd nutrition break. Please meet in the large gym.

Popcorn is available to buy! We have white cheddar, sweet and salty, butter flavour and dill pickle. Bags are $1.50 each. See your milk seller to buy a bag.

Get those running shoes out and ready to go. The kilometre club will be running during the 1st nutrition break today for students in grade 1-3. Every lap you complete you will get a popsicle stick. Be sure to hand in your popsicle stick to your bin in your classroom at the end of the break. Lets see what class can complete the most kilometres.

Today our Active Eagles will be on the playground to offer tag games, soccer and rock, paper, scissors hopscotch. Lets get active GLA!!

Jr. boys volleyball will practice today during the 1st nutrition break.

Updated on Thursday, November 02, 2023.
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