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George L. Armstrong

Announcements for Friday October 6, 2023

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Announcements for Friday October 6, 2023

There will be a SR boys volleyball practice today at 2nd nutrition break.

If you have any pizza orders that haven’t been sent down to the office yet, please send them down now.

JR girls volleyball – There will be a JR girls volleyball tryout today at 1st nutrition break. Please meet in the large gym.

October is Islamic Heritage Month in Canada. This is a time to celebrate, inform and engage with Islamic history and culture and learn about the many contributions that Muslim people have made to Canada and beyond.

Muslims are ethnically diverse and represent many interpretations of Islam and practice their faith throughout the world. HWDSB works to be aware of this diversity when teaching and speaking about Muslim identities, stories and realities. We encourage all students and classes to celebrate and learn about Islamic history and culture not only this month but throughout the school year.

Updated on Friday, October 06, 2023.
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