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HWDSB Building


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Administrative Office Staff

Mrs. Joanne Lewis (south)

Mrs. Donna Todoric (north)

Mrs. Marilyn Islami (south)

School Phone numbers:

South Campus – 905-648-4439 (Grades FDK, 6,7,8)

North Campus – 905-648-4115 (Grades 1-5)

School Council Chair

Mr. M. De Maria, Mr. M. Macqueen

Home & School Chair

Mrs. S. Shedden and Mrs. A. Evans


Programs & Services – 2020-21 these programs and services are on hold until further notice.

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Frank Panabaker School receives strong support and shared responsibility from our school council and school community, in assisting our students to develop strong principles and values.
  • Timely updates to the school website and posted daily announcements by the school to announce activities and events that are happening in the community and a School Council and H&S page.
  • Frank Panabaker School provides our community with evening access to the gym and school facilities via HWDSB rental program.


  • The education of our children is a partnership between the school, parents, and the students themselves.  Our Council strives to help develop this partnership by helping make the environment welcoming and by letting parents know that they can always come to Council if they have a school-wide concern.
  • Home and School and School Council work diligently to support and plan Grade 8 Graduation through fundraising, planning, and execution of graduation celebrations.
  • Volunteers are a very valuable resource.  Frank Panabaker School relies on volunteers in a number of ways and we appreciate all the time parents contribute to our students’ endeavors.  Parent volunteers are welcome additions to classrooms, library, co-curricular programs, out of school trips, fundraising among others.   Please contact the school if you would like to volunteer.
Updated on Wednesday, September 01, 2021.
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