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Earl Kitchener

Updates to HWDSB’s Concussion Procedure

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Updates to HWDSB’s Concussion Procedure

In March of 2018, the Ontario government passed a law known as Rowan’s Law. Designed to protect athletes and to educate parents/guardians, coaches and officials about the dangers of head injuries, it is the first law of its kind in Canada and will benefit both athletes and non-athletes.

Rowan’s Law is also about education. Rowan’s Law will make it easier for those who experience concussions to SPEAK UP, get the help they need, and take the time necessary for recovery, with the support of everyone around them.

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

At HWDSB, we have reviewed and updated our Concussion procedure to align with the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and Rowan’s Law.

Please review our Concussion Procedure and if you have any questions, please speak to your school principal.

Updated on Thursday, September 19, 2019.
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