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An Update for Dundana Families

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An Update for Dundana Families

March break is over but we are not back in our school learning together.  It is such a simple fact, but the ramifications from it are not at all simple.

I have connected with each of Dundana’s staff members this week.  The common message I heard from them was their desire to be back in school, teaching our students.  We all miss our students, Dundana families and the energy that comes from working in a school setting.  Please know that they are concerned for the health and well being for our Dundana community.  We hope you are doing well, staying healthy, and taking care of all elements of your well being.

Some families have asked for specific work for their children to do at home.  At this point, we have been directed to encourage families to take a look at the resources available on the Ministry-provisioned website, which can be found here:  Learn at Home

As we receive more direction from both the provincial ministry and our own school board, we will extend other learning opportunities to families.

However, each family has unique stressors and differing situations right now, and we recognize that.  For families that can find time to look at those resources, read together, encourage your child to write, or participate in other on-line learning opportunities; please do so at a pace that works for your family.  For those families who aren’t able to do this because of work, other familial responsibilities, illness or other stressors; we understand that too.

We will continue to provide updates here, and board updates will be provided on the board website, as more decisions are made.

Take care of yourselves.  We miss you and we hope to see you all again soon.


Updated on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
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