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Welcome to Dundana

Dundana School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade Five dual track Elementary School. French Immersion is currently offered to students registered in Grade One through to Grade Five. Instruction in English is offered for students registered in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade Five.  At Dundana we work very closely with our community partner, The Umbrella Child and Family Centre offering before and after school care for school aged students.

Dundana School is nestled in the Dundas Valley and is blessed with a gorgeous playground space and a beautiful field with mature trees where students engage in physical activity every day. We proudly grow and nurture an Environmental garden where students learn to take care of our earth. Art continues to be a focus and many excursions are offered to enrich the learning opportunities that abound at Dundana. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our industrious School Council and community we are using 21st century learning and teaching tools and continue to expand our use of technology to help prepare our students for life and work in the 21st century.

In December, 1953, Dundana School was constructed. It was built on 5.9 acres of land on Dundana Ave. in Dundas, Ontario. The first school building had six classrooms and a gymnasium. In May of the following year the enrollment at the school was 208 students. Interestingly, the name Dundana was chosen as an abbreviation of Dundas and Ancaster.

In 1965, a three-classroom addition was made to the school. Three years later a second-floor addition was built to accommodate a senior wing. Grade 7 & 8 students from Dundana, Pleasant Valley and University Gardens attended until 1990. In that year, Dundas District was reopened as a senior elementary school.

When the University Gardens school closed, Dundana’s boundaries were expanded. As the town grew, students from the Senator Homes housing development attended Dundana School. In 1995, one of the first Junior Kindergarten classes in the Wentworth County Board of Education was opened at Dundana School.


Updated on Monday, August 26, 2019.
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