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School Council

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About School Council

Part of the Province’s priority to improve the working relationship between schools and the families who use them was to initiate the requirement of every school to support a School Council. This School Council, formerly – and more popularly – referred to as a Parent Council, is comprised of Administrative members – the Principal and Vice-Principal, parent/family members of current students, student representatives, and a community representative. Typically, the School Council will include members in Executive positions, such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as various Committee Chairs and Members-At-Large.

School Councils across the Province vary greatly in the details of their mandate and procedures. They can range from very formal to quite casual, and organized to social, depending on the location and personality of the community. There are, however, specific rules that are to be followed, as required by the Province.

Chedoke’s School Council is a comfortable and effective group, with some very impressive accomplishments, and a warm and receptive demeanor. Actively implementing various fundraising initiatives, participating in school activities, and promoting effective parent volunteer programs, this School Council ranks among the best in the Province.

All parents and legal guardians are welcomed and encouraged to take as active role as possible in their children’s school. Studies show that parent involvement greatly enhances the education experience of the children, resulting in improved academic performance, better home/school communications, and an enhanced social atmosphere. This is an investment in our kids.

Understanding completely the demands of work, family, life, we invite all parents to consider offering time and talent according to each person’s circumstances. Many families who can’t spend time physically in the building during school hours, enjoy many other ways of contributing to school life at Chedoke.

Chedoke School Council 2019-2020


Executive Members:

Chair: Kristina Collier

Vice-Chair: Cynthia (Cindy) Stewart

Secretary: TBD (shared role until filled)

Treasurer: Emma Topping


Members at Large:

Abdulmuhdi Enshassi

David Armani

Tim Cummins

Emily Patton

Michelle (Shelley) Tovey

Rhoda Burwash

Charlene Elston

Katie Duffy

Laura Simpkins

Sherrie Coulson

Timea Strifler

Linda (Joni) Parchem


Community Partner Rep: 

Lorraine Robinson


Chedoke Staff Rep:

Julie Yocum Armstrong/ Amy Zorzetto (shared role)




Updated on Monday, September 30, 2019.
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