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Cecil B. Stirling
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Bell Times

8:45 AM - 3:05 PM


EQAO Results


David Schroeder - 905-385-5374 | Email


Laura Romano - 905.527.5092 x 2622 | E-mail Laura Romano


Kathy Archer - 289.339.0587 | E-mail Kathy Archer

Administrative Office Staff

Mrs. L. Walowina

Caretaking Staff

Mr. P. Burnett – Head Caretaker

Mr. C. Parry

Ms. D. Sigurdson

C.B. Stirling:

C. B. Stirling School is a junior kindergarten to grade 8 school located on the east end of Hamilton Mountain. Our school is named after Cecil Bristol Stirling, who served from 1929 to 1951 as Chairman and Trustee with the Hamilton District School Board.

Teaching Staff:


Mrs. Hoeber and Ms. Oliveira (JSA)


Ms. A. Cove  (1A)

Ms. Gibson (12A)


Mr. D. Walker (23A)

Mrs. A. Tomalty-Smith (4A)

Mrs. S. Reid & Mrs. M. Connon-Zdero (56A)

Ms. A. Bregg (67A)

Mr. A. Guiney (7AA)

Ms. C. McKenna (8A)

Rotary Teachers

Mme. S. Reid (French)

Ms. M. Connon-Zdero (Health/Phys. Ed)

Mr. D. Gaudet (Music) (Remote Teacher)

Learning Resource Teachers

Mr. J. Burgsma  (Learning Resource Teacher)

Ms. C. Broer (Early Reading Specialist)

Education Assistants

Mrs. L. Viola
Ms. J. Tipert
Mrs. S. Sheldrake
Ms. T. Aboagye

Group Staff Photo


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