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Cecil B. Stirling

Parental Involvement

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We believe that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the greater chance the child has for success in school. We welcome and encourage parental involvement at C.B. Stirling School.

School Council

School councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario. They provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.  This year our School Council is setting goals to reach out to New Canadian parents and parents whose first language is not English to link our community to supports that are available to our students and families in Hamilton.

Chair –  Sharon Masuda

Voting Members:

Treasurer – Carrie Feir
Secretary – Shannon Lavallee
Council Members – Melissa Barrick and Lori Hedger

Non-Voting Members:

Principal – Rhonda Garnier
Non Parent Member – Laurie Walowina
Teacher – Ms. Jones
Community Member – Samantha Penney (Today`s Family)


Parent Volunteers are a critical part of the success with students at C.B. Stirling. Parents volunteer to work at a variety of tasks at C.B. Stirling. Police Checks are necessary for many of our volunteer roles but we are happy to work together to make sure that is not a barrier for parent involvement.   Please call the office for information about how you can get involved!

Updated on Wednesday, April 04, 2018.
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