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Cecil B. Stirling

Bell Times

A+ A-
Peiod Start End
1 8:45am 9:25am
2 9:25am 10:05am
3 10:05am 10:45am
NB 10:45am 11:25am
4 11:25am 11:55am
5 11:55am 12:25pm
6 12:25pm 1:05pm
NB 1:05pm 1:45pm
7 1:45pm 2:25pm
8 2:25pm 3:05pm

Purposes of Recess

Please encourage your students to use the recess break as a time to use the washroom and get a drink as well as playing safely with their friends.  During the Recess breaks staff supervise several classrooms at a time.   There is no use of electronics during recess or snack time.  We encourage students to have some quiet social time with friends or read during this time.

Updated on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.
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