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Billy Green

Year-End Message to Families

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Year-End Message to Families

BG Families,

This is the time of year when we look back on the school year and it certainly has been another year of changes and challenges! We continue to appreciate the support of the BG community as we work together for our students.

We wish our graduating class all the best next year as they move on to secondary school.  We are certain that your time at Billy Green has prepared you for the challenges ahead.

This is also a time to say good-bye to our departing staff.   

Ms. Karamy, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. McCrory, Ms. McGuire, Mrs. McKinney, Ms. Parker, Mr. Patocs, Ms. Thorpe, Ms. Wildfang were with us this year on a temporary long-term basis and will be moving on to new assignments for the fall. 

Additionally, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Hughey, Ms. Maika were teaching in the Remote School this year and are starting new teaching positions at other schools in September.

Finally, a special good-bye to Mrs. Tovey.  Mrs. Tovey has been working at the Remote School since December.  She will not be returning to Billy Green and will be moving to Chedoke and Ray Lewis Schools as Vice-Principal. Thanks to Mrs. Tovey for her dedication to the Billy Green community during her time at our school.

We wish all our departing staff well in their new positions and thank them for their contributions to Billy Green!

Please find below a list of the Billy Green 2021/22 Staff. We welcome Mrs. Del Mastro as our new vice-principal (0.5).  We are excited to have her join us at Billy Green.

As we look ahead to September, please follow us on our website https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/billygreen and our Twitter page: twitter.com/BillyGreenHWDSB.  Updates around class placements, start-up, and procedures for September will be posted at the end of August.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer holiday. 

M Wilson, Principal


Billy Green 2021/22 Staff

Teaching Staff Homeroom Class


Mrs. Dawson & Mrs. Pulice JSA
Mrs. Starr & Ms. Glover JSB
Mrs. Voth JSC
Mrs. Rusan 1A
Mrs. DiCecca 1B
Ms. MacLean 2A
Mrs. Lukkarinen 2B
Mrs. Mitchell 3A
Mrs. Cammisoli 3B
Mrs. Barr 3C
Mrs. Ott 4A
Mr. Greenway 4B
Mrs. Palmer 4/5A
Mr. Forrest 5A
Mrs. Lubertino 6A and Core French
Ms. Rodic 6/7A
Mr. Mace 7A and Core French
Mr. Ingrassia 7A and Music
Mr. Fleming 7B
Mrs. Begley 8A
Mr. Soltesz 8B
Mr. Minich SIC
Mme. Volpe Core French
Ms. Burke Primay/Junior
Mrs. Miller-Boyes Library,

FDK/Primary/Junior Arts

Mrs. Carbone Primary
Ms. Purves (Procyshyn) Learning Resource
Mrs. Tremain Learning Resource and Junior
To Be Determined Reading Specialist
To Be Determined ESL
Mrs. France Educational Assistant
Mrs. Kazlovskis Educational Assistant
Mrs. O’Sullivan Educational Assistant
Mrs. Winter Educational Assistant
To Be Determined Educational Assistant
Ms. Landry Child and Youth Care Practitioner
Mr. Gaglione Caretaking
Mr. C. Toth Caretaking
Mrs. Woznica Caretaking
Mr. Walker Caretaking
Mrs. Humphreys Office Administrator
Mrs. Hyatt Office Assistant
Mrs. Del Mastro Vice-Principal
Ms. Wilson Principal


Updated on Monday, June 21, 2021.
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