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Billy Green

Updates from Billy Green

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Updates from Billy Green

Welcome back Gators!

We hope you enjoyed the April Break last week.

This week staff, students, and families have been working together to help for a smooth transition back to remote learning.


A few reminders:


School Day

– We will be continuing to follow our regular school day

– The school day starts at 8:40am and ending at 3:00pm.

– Nutrition Breaks are 10:40-11:20 and 1:00-1:40



– Attendance will be taken every morning (by 10am) and every afternoon (by 2:10pm)

– If your child will not be attending for a day or part of a day, please enter their absence in School Messenger as you would normally.

– As usual, School Messenger will call out to families for students that are unexplained after attendance is taken.

– If your child’s attendance is not accurate or if you are unable to enter/alter an absence for your child in the School Messenger, please email Mrs. Hyatt at ghyatt@hwdsb.on.ca



– Devices are not currently being deployed for Kindergarten students.

– Kindergarten staff will continue to teach online, however for families unable to join, a supplement program has been provided:

Kindergarten Learning Calendar Week One (April 21-23)

Kindergarten Learning Calendar Week Two (April 26-30)

– Please reach out to your child’s Kindergarten teacher should you have further questions.


Technical Support

– At times, students and families may need some guidance to navigate the tech or the tech tools used for online learning.

– This online resource outlines many common issues and can be a good first step in solving problems that arise:


– Additionally, please feel free to connect with us directly at BillyGreen@hwdsb.on.ca and someone will return your email or call you back to help.


Contacting the School

– Our phones at Billy Green may not be answered regularly during this period of online learning.

– Questions and concerns about your child’s program should first be directed to the child’s educators.

– General inquiries can be directed to BillyGreen@hwdsb.on.ca or Ms. Wilson at mdwilson@hwdsb.on.ca.


Take care,

Ms. Wilson.


Updated on Thursday, April 22, 2021.
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