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Student Safety

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Student Safety

Attention all families who utilize Springfield Road as drop off/pick up.  

The safety of our students has been of great concern because of unsafe driving and parking. While everyday poses risk for the students exiting the pathway from the school playground to Springfield Road, it has been exacerbated by the snow and the sudden increase in traffic congestion.  

There have been people parking in front of driveways and fire hydrants, and vehicles blocking the street completely. We have vehicles trying to squeeze through the street, moving into reverse constantly in order to make tight turns to squeeze through tiny spaces. These tiny spaces are also the only available options for students to walk through. Students try to walk on the snowbanks because there is no walking room on the street, and this poses even greater risk with the potential of falling into the traffic.  

There is plenty of space to park further down the street. As a school, we are in contact with City By-Law, and we request monitoring of this street (as well as other streets in the neighbourhood). We have received phone calls and emails from very concerned parents and neighbours, and we encourage them to email https://www.hamilton.ca/city-council/by-laws-enforcement/register-by-law-complaint or call 905-540-6000.  

The urgency of this email is high. Please, when dropping off or picking up your child, follow the parking and driving laws.  

Thank you,

K. Dunford


Updated on Wednesday, March 01, 2023.
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