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School Update

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School Update

Dear Families,

Here are a few updates for your information:

Assessment and Reporting

Your child will be given their report card tomorrow, February 17th. Please reach out to their teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding progress and assessment, and please know that communication is open throughout the year.

Lates and Absences

Research shows that consistent and on-time attendance to school will help to create the conditions for children to reach their full potential. There is an increasing number of students coming to school late. If there is something the school can do to help support on time attendance, please let us know. Please continue to record known absences or early dismissals in Safe Arrival. This can be done well in advance if you know your child will need to be away or will need to be dismissed from school early.

The last portion of the day is always extremely busy, and it is most helpful to know in advance if you will need to have your child ready for pick up early. If you experience difficulty with Safe Arrival entries, please reach out to the office for support.


Our parking lot is closed in the morning from 9:00am 9:20 am, and at the end of the day from 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm. This is for the safety of your children. We have numerous buses that need space to enter and exit safely. If you have obtained a yellow “Ancaster Meadow Parking Pass”, then you have already had discussions with the office. If you do not have a pass displayed on your dashboard, we will kindly ask you not to enter the lot during the closed times of day.

Spectators at Sporting Events

We are excited to have spectators to cheer on our fabulous and hard working sports teams. If your child wishes to watch a game, they must be supervised by a parent/guardian/adult. There is no school supervision, and the coaches and referees cannot manage student conduct. Thank you.


K. Dunford & R. McNicholls-Ramrattan


Updated on Thursday, February 16, 2023.
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