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Ancaster Meadow

Student Information for Potential Class Placements

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Student Information for Potential Class Placements

At this time of year, planning for the next school year is underway. To help staff make the most informed decisions possible we are asking that parents provide us with any information that they think would be valuable for class planning.

All classes of the same grade, including split grades, will have a similar curriculum focus and delivery. Teachers work together to ensure a consistency in both planning and assessment.

While we know that parents sometimes have a preference for a specific teacher, we believe it is important for our students to learn how to co-operate and function in an environment with a wide range of personalities and educational philosophies. This adaptability is an invaluable skill which will help ensure they meet with success in the future. We cannot accommodate requests for specific teachers.

While we will not accept any requests for specific teachers, any other information that you feel is important in terms of the type of learning environment you believe your child may require because of specific needs will gladly be received.

Please feel free to put in writing any information that you would like us to be aware of in planning class assignments for next year (without naming specific teachers) and send it via email to barsovic@hwdsb.on.ca before May 28th. Anything received after this date may not be considered during our class building for September.

Families will be informed of 2021-2022 class placements when second term report cards go home.

Ancaster Meadow is a big school and a lot of time and effort go into class placements, this includes parent input in advance. Once class placements are determined, no changes will be made. In September, schools’ must always be prepared for the class structure to be reorganized due to enrollment number changes. Requests for a class change will only be considered in the September organization which occurs near the end of September.

Thank you

Biljana Arsovic, Principal

Updated on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.
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