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A.M. Cunningham

Parent Involvement

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A.M. Cunningham School offers many opportunities for parents to become involved in the school, depending on time availability. Opportunities include …

From Home …

  • Ensuring students attend school on a daily basis and are punctual in their arrival
  • Ensuring students are “ready to learn” – well rested, well nourished, organized with essential materials
  • Reading the student agenda on a daily basis, responding as needed
  • Reading to and with their child on a daily basis
  • Providing a quiet space for completion of homework

At School …

  • Volunteering in the classroom
  • Assisting with our daily Milk Programme
  • Assisting with special events – trips, Pizza Days
  • Offering their special talents – presentations, sports, music etc.
  • Attending programs within the school and community
  • Maintaining the Learning Garden
  • Becoming a member and / or attending School Council.   Thank you to the many parents and community members who enhance our learning environment by volunteering. Please note that a current Police Check is needed if a volunteer is working directly with students. Please contact the principal for more information.
Updated on Monday, March 26, 2018.
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