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A.M. Cunningham

New to AMC?

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Welcome to AMC!  

Many students come to AMC for Kindergarten and stay with us all the way to the end of grade 5. Other students join us in grade 1 for the French Immersion program, while others join later on as they move into the neighbourhood.

We’ve prepared some materials to help you get to know AMC. When you register at the school please be sure to let us know if there is anything, we can do to make your child’s transition of or to school, a positive one.


Welcome to AM Cunningham School – Virtual Tour.

Come and visit the school “virtually”. Looking forward to meeting you in person.



FDK Orientation (from the Spring 2021 Orientation)

Video for families new to Kindergarten! .

Welcome to Grade 1 at AMC

Video for families new to AM Cunningham (or who have children in SK moving to grade 1). An overview of the difference between Kindergarten and grade 1 and how to support your child at home.



All About Kindergarten!


Tour of AMC School 


Come and see the inside of the school! Watch with your child as the school year approaches to get excited (and ease any fears)!


All I really needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten


A summary of the Frequently asked questions: including arrival/ dismissal, nutrition breaks, what to send with your child, and more!


The Kindergarten Program


What will they be learning? Teachers take you inside their “classrooms” showing you the type of activities and learnings that happen in FDK (Full Day Kindergarten).


Welcome from Miss Witten


A video message from one of our staff.



Updated on Monday, August 23, 2021.
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