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Nutrition Break – Eating & Playing

Last updated on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.

How We Eat & Play Together @SWO

*Nutrition Break – 40 minutes & twice a day

Seat & Enjoy Lunch – 20 minutes

  • Bring nutritious lunch
  • Remain seated and behave with courtesy and respect (table manners, indoor voice)  
  • Have a quiet activity at your seats if you finish eating early
  • Pack up lunch and place garbage pail & recyclables in blue bin
  • Remain in lunchroom until dismissed for active play
  • Tuck in chair and exit classroom in an orderly manner  

Active & Respectful Play – 20 minutes

  • Respect the fenced in boundaries. The hill is for sitting on only, no running or rolling games.
    • Playground equipment comes from classrooms or the Active Recess bin.
    • Only safe play (no tackling/play fighting).
    • Students entering the building need permission from an on-duty staff person.
    • All food items are to remain in locker.


  • For black top recesses students may use 4 squares and small area games only.