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Bellmoore School Volunteer Policy

At Bellmoore School, student safety is our first priority.  As such, our volunteer policy is as follows.

All volunteers working with students will require a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.

Volunteers with a valid and current Police Vulnerable Sector Check will be given first priority when volunteers are needed.   Please be aware that there may be times, due to a shortage of volunteers, where trips/programs activities require more volunteers than are available.  In these instances, volunteers without a Police Vulnerable Sector Check may be used.  These volunteers will need to be under regular, direct supervision, in accordance with the HWDSB Volunteer Policy.

If you would like your name added to our Volunteer List, and you have a current police check (dated 2016 or later) please bring your current Police Vulnerable Sector Check in to add your name to our Volunteer List.

If you do not have a current, valid Police Vulnerable Sector Check, please follow the instructions on how to go about getting a check from the volunteer package located below.

A $10 subsidy is provided from School Council towards your Police Vulnerable Sector Check. You may apply for this by completing the Volunteer Information Sheet and return that form to the school office.

Download and complete the Bellmoore Volunteer package.

UPDATE:  Hamilton Police Service is now processing ONLINE Police Vulnerable Sector Checks.  There is no need to travel to the station.  Apply online at Hamilton Police website An additional $10 convenience fee applies.

Want to stay connected and volunteer throughout the year?

For the purposes of compiling a comprehensive list, could those interested in volunteering for special events throughout the school year, as well as those that ACTIVELY are volunteering (whether it be in your child’s classroom, pizza/milk, special functions, or in any other capacity) please contact Tami McKenzie, our volunteer coordinator on the parent council at t_dog_0@hotmail.com

Updated on Friday, February 16, 2018.
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