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October’s Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s Desk…

When I walk through the school and spend time in classrooms I am continually impressed with our students and staff.

Our staff continues to go “above and beyond” every day. Sports teams, special activities and field trips are all extras that our staff volunteer to coordinate and participate in on their own time. In the classroom our teachers provide engaging activities for their students. Employing proven methods of instruction such as Critical Literacy and inquiry based Mathematics, our teachers are providing their students with the best teaching possible. We are embarking on a journey of Transforming Learning Everywhere as part of the HWDSB’s strategic direction – please join me at the Parent Council meeting on October 7th at 6pm where I will explain the school plan in more detail.

Our students our engaged, enthusiastic and are demonstrating the good character that we celebrate every month at Balaclava.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful Meet-the-Teacher BBQ with Harveys providing burgers and hotdogs (veggie option available) from 5-6pm on October 9th. Teachers will then be in their classrooms to meet parents and caregivers from 6-7pm. During this visit, have your children show you what they have been doing in class and have a brief chat with the teacher as well. It will be nice to meet new parents and catch up with everyone after the summer.

I am continually amazed and awed by the generosity and kindness of the parent community here at Balaclava. I would like to send out a very big thank you to the Home and School, Parent Council and many other parents/caregivers for all you do to organize our food days, run our milk program, organize and facilitate the Halo and Horns Hoe Down-Throw Down on October 25th, manage our library, supervise trips and sports events, etc. The list is endless and Balaclava would not be the hub of activity that it is without all of you – thank you so very much!!

A special thanks you to staff and the community for their support and patience during our reorganization process. I would like to introduce three new teachers to our Balaclava family:

Mrs. Brenda Gardiner – Grade 2 in Room 10

Ms. Natashia Cadue – ELP JKSK in Room 11

Ms. Lisa Ross – Library/Primary Music

Please join me in welcoming them to Balaclava – I know they will be an excellent addition to our team!

Have a Happy October!

Ms. Neville – Principal, Balaclava P.S.



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