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Safety at Balaclava – Priority Message

Safety at Balaclava – Priority Message

Safety is a priority at Balaclava and we need the entire community’s co-operation to ensure students depart the building and arrive home safe and sound. It is necessary for all parents to adhere to the following procedures to ensure this happens:

  1. If you are picking up your child a written note must be sent to the office so we are aware that the child will not be going home on the bus. If we do not have a written note, students will be put on the bus to go home. Out of catchment students excepted.
  2. Parents picking up students must wait in the lobby and pick up your child from there. Do not go down to your child’s classroom and pick them up there unless you have direction from the office. This disrupts the instructional program of all classrooms. We have also had parents take their children without notifying the office and then we are frantically looking for them at the end of the day.
  3. The end of the day (at the bell) is also not a good time to speak to your child’s teacher as it is his/her responsibility to escort their class to the gym for dismissal.   They would be happy to make an appointment time to speak to you either in person or on the phone.
  4. Parents are NEVER to take children other than their own without written permission given to the office (note sent in, written in agenda, email sent to the Principal or Mrs. Nelligan.
  5. Parents are not to pick up students in the parking lot – too busy a place after school. Please come in and get your children.
  6. If you are visiting the school for an extended period of time you must sign in and get a visitors pass from the office.
  7. Children are to travel on their designated bus only. We will not give bus notes except for emergency purposes. If permanent bus stop assignment changes are required please call transportation at 905-523-2318.
  8. New Kindergarten dismissal Procedure– Bus Buddies will take students from their classes directly onto their buses. They will not go to the gym and wait in line with everyone else. The classes will walk out to the buses with the teacher on bus duty, the ECE, and the EA. One of the ECEs will walk any children (still with their buddies) to the lobby if they are being picked up because they have notes indicating this to be so.

****Please be respectful and courteous of the office staff and the chaotic nature of the school at the end of the day. If you have issues where plans need to change please be pro-active and call the school with plenty of time before the end of school day (3:20pm). It becomes extremely crazy in here with many people calling (or coming in the school) at 3:21pm with changes to their children’s home plans – we have to hold buses, call home etc. and it is not just one student impacted but 375. We greatly appreciate your understanding and support as we try to keep all of our Balaclava Bobcats as safe as possible.****

Thank you,

Sue Neville

Principal – Balaclava P.S.



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