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Last updated on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.


A.M. Cunningham School is viewed as an integral part of the community. Built in 1929, it has been a landmark in the Kenilworth / Central Street area for 90 years. The school was named after School Board Trustee A. M. Cunningham, who served as a trustee from 1917 – 1926. Many families in the area have had generations of students attend the school. Long standing traditions include Carol Sing, as well as the support of local charities. Student involvement in the HWDSB Strings Music program has been an integral part of A. M. Cunningham School, as well as cultural appreciation in a dual track school.

The school is adjacent to A.M. Cunningham Park where an extensive creative playground has been built by the City of Hamilton and enjoyed daily by students. An environmental “Learning Garden” has been created to engage students in an appreciation of the outdoors. A.M. Cunningham School is committed to a Litterless Lunch environment.   Delta co-op students are welcomed in several classrooms. Delta woodworking students have built benches to enhance our playground.

We look forward to developing additional Community Partnerships. Please contact the school if you have an interest in this area.