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Winona News – Jan 7

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Winona News – Jan 7

Welcome Back and Happy New Year.  We hope that all families had an enjoyable break and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Jan 8 –  School Re-Opens – Welcome Back
Jan 11 – Pita Day
Jan 17 – School Council – 6:30 Library
Jan 17 – Photo Retakes
Jan 17 – 8A/78 Grade 8 Photos
Jan 18 – 8B/8C Grade 8 Photos
Jan 18 – Pizza Day

In-School Daily Announcements Link

School Lot Safety – Please extra take time and care when driving through our parking lot during drop-off and pick-up times.  Although it may take a bit longer, we have a sidewalk that runs the parking lot’s perimeter.  This is the safest route to our gates for those using the main parking lot. For families who do cross the bus laneway, they are reminded to stop and look both ways and use the two marked crossing areas (marked in yellow).

Reposting as reminders:

Snow Clearing – With winter weather around the corner, we wanted to remind families of the HWDSB snow-clearing guidelines.  Snow clearing is a shared responsibility between board staff, contractors, and city staff.  Details can be found by following the link below.  Be sure to take your time on wet and snowy mornings even in areas that have been cleared. Snow-clearing-Infographic-revised-Oct-2022 (hwdsb.on.ca)

Inclement Weather – We also wanted to send a reminder regarding the HWDSB’s severe weather policies.  School boards have varied policies on cancellations.  The HWDSB Rule is Severe weather + Bus cancellation = No school. When HWDSB cancels busing due to inclement weather, we have deemed the roads unsafe and this triggers the closure of schools.  To better understand HWDSB’s severe weather policy please refer to the following handout. Severe-Weather-Handout-for-Schools-2020.pdf (hwdsb.on.ca) or visit our HWDSB Severe Weather page. Severe Weather | Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (hwdsb.on.ca)

Imaginarium: We are excited to announce our plans to create a makerspace in our school library which we will call the Imaginarium. A makerspace fosters innovation through play, hands-on experimentation and open-ended learning. Classes will have the opportunity to drop in at scheduled times to use the Imaginarium. At this time, we are looking for donations of the following items; Lego, Snap Circuits, Cricut Machines, 3D Printers, Robots (Dash, Dot, Sphero, Coding Mouse), and Hair Dressing Tools (mannequin heads, brushes, hair accessories). If you have any of the above items in good working condition that you are willing to donate, please drop them off at the school office. If you have questions about items that can be donated, please contact Mrs. Morningstar ([email protected]), Mrs. Frid ([email protected]), or Mr. Ahmad ([email protected]).

Updated on Sunday, January 07, 2024.
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