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Winona News – May 22

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Winona News – May 22

Upcoming Dates

May 22 – Victoria Day (School Closed)
May 24 – Grade 8 to Steam Museum
May 25 – Kindergarten Orientation 5 pm (New to Kindergarten Sept 2023)
May 25 – School Council (Off-site – Pane & Co  6:30 pm)
May 26 – Jump Rope for Heart

May 29 – Art About Me
May 31 – Creative School Imaging offering SK Graduation Photos @ Winona (3-5 pm)
Jun 1 – Pizza Day (order by May 28)
Jun 2 – PA Day – No Classes for Students

September Planning – Every year parents ask how students are assigned to classes.  This is an in-depth and time-consuming process that we engage in each year.  Every attempt is made to balance each class, combined or straight to create a positive learning environment for all.  While staff are well informed about each student’s strengths and needs, we know that parents have additional information about their children that may benefit our decision-making. If there is particular information regarding the learning needs that you would like us to consider in placing your child, please advise the Principal ([email protected]) through email. This information will be part of the class-building discussions.  Please do not request specific teachers as these requests will not be considered.

Please note that we will continue to have many classes with combined grades next year. This is a reality of caps to class sizes, but it is also encouraged as a positive practice by both the Ministry of Education and our school board. With newer approaches to learning that incorporate inquiry, student-directed learning, differentiated education and student–specific goal setting and feedback, our teachers are well-versed in providing the best learning opportunities for their students in all classrooms.

SK Photos – Creative School Imaging will be offering SK Graduation Photos on May 31 for interested families from 3-5 pm.  Creative School Imaging will be set up in the school library for those taking advantage of this option for their child.

Updated on Monday, May 22, 2023.
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