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Parent/Caregiver Corner

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Welcome to our Westwood Parent Corner! We are looking to continually add important and relevant information in this space for our parents and caregivers. Stay tuned for more information.

Volunteering at Westwood

Volunteers play a very important role in our school. Our volunteers help enrich our students’ educational experiences and bridge the gap between schools and our community. Volunteers can work directly with students and may help oversee activities for safety, guidance, regulation or direction. If you wish to volunteer in the school or on field trips, volunteer forms are available at the office and can also be accessed in the ‘Quick Links’ section of our school website. Vulnerable Sector Checks can be completed  in person at the Hamilton Police Records Branch for located on 155 King William Street or can be completed online at www.hamiltonpolice.on.ca at a cost of $35. All first time school volunteers must have a Vulnerable Sector Check within the last 6 months when submitting volunteer applications. Volunteers must provide a new Vulnerable Sector Check every three years and must sign an Offence Declaration Form every year. We recognize the cost of completing a Vulnerable Sector Check can be a barrier for some volunteers. If this is an issue, please contact the school office for support.

Updated on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.
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