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Tiffany Hills

Bell Times

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Entry 9:15 am and 3:35 pm dismissal.

If your child arrives late to school, please ensure they check-in at the main office before going to their classroom.  Attendance records will be updated at that time to ensure accurate tracking.  If you are picking up your child from school before the 3:35 dismissal time, please come to the main office to sign them out and allow us to get your child from their classroom.

Bell Times throughout the day will be as follows:

Entry: 9:15 AM

Period 1:  9:15-10:15

Period 2:  10:15-10:55

Nutrition Break 1:  10:55-11:35

Period 3:  11:35-12:25 PM

Period 4:  12:25-1:15

Nutrition Break 2:  1:15-1:55

Period 5:  1:55-2:35

Period 6:  2:35-3:35

Dismissal:  3:35 PM

Updated on Wednesday, September 07, 2022.
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