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School Council

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Welcome to the School Council Web Page.

All parents are welcome to be part of Rousseau School Council. The School Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month (excluding December & June) in Room 127 from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Free childminding is available for school-aged children. Please contact Laura at campbellkid2@hotmail.com before the Monday prior to our meeting if you would like childcare.

2019-2020 Executive

School Council Co-Chairs: Kim Strecker and Laney Havercamp

Secretary: Allison Assaf
Treasurer: Heidi Burrows

School Councils – A Guide for Members

The meeting dates for the 2019-2020 school year are:

May 19 @ 6:30



April 21 @6:30



March 24 @ 6:30



February 18 @ 6:30

Agenda: February Agenda

Minutes: Draft Rousseau School Council Meeting Minutes Feb 18 2020

January 21 @ 6:30

Agenda: Agenda January

Minutes: Draft Rousseau School Council Meeting Minutes Jan 21 2020

November 19 @ 6:30

Agenda: November Council Meeting

Minutes: Draft School Council Meeting Minutes Nov 19 2019

October 22 @ 6:30

Agenda: Agenda 2019 October

Minutes: Draft Rousseau School Council Minutes Oct 22 2019

September 24 @ 6:30

Agenda: Agenda 2019 September



2018-2019 Executive

School Council Co-Chairs: Danielle Curry, Laura Hustler

Secretary: Limor Bek
Treasurer: Lisa Popowich

School Councils – A Guide for Members

The meeting dates for the 2018-2019 school year are:

May 21

Agenda: 2019 May Agenda


April 16

Agenda: 2019 April Agenda

Minutes: Rousseau school council April 2019

March 19

Agenda: SC Agenda March 2019

Minutes: 2019 March Minutes

February 19

Agenda: SC Agenda 02-19

Minutes: 2019 Feb Minutes

January 15

Agenda: SC Agenda 01-19


November 20

Agenda: SC Agenda 11-20


October 16

Agenda: SC Agenda 10-18

Minutes: October 2018 Rousseau school council meeting

September 27 at 6:30

Agenda: SC Agenda 09-18

Minutes: September2018RousseauSchoolCouncilMeeting Minutes


2017-2018 Executive

School Council Chair: Danielle Curry

Co-Secretaries: Limor Bek & Helene Monzon
Treasurer: Lisa Popowich

School Councils – A Guide for Members

The meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year are:

May 16 at 6:30


Minutes: May2018RousseauSchoolCouncilMeeting

April 18 at 6:30

Agenda: April Council agenda

Minutes:April 2018 Rousseau School Council Meeting

March 21 at 6:30

Agenda: March 2018 School Council and Home School Agenda


January 22 at 6:30

Agenda: JanuaryAgenda2018


Monday November 20 at 6:30.

Agenda: November School Council Agenda

Minutes: November2017RousseauSchoolCouncilMeeting

Wednesday October 18 at 7:00.


Minutes: October2017RousseauSchoolCouncilMeeting

Monday September 25 at 6:30.

Agenda: September School Council Agenda 2017

Minutes: Rousseau School Council Minutes – Sep25_2017

The meeting dates for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Tuesday May 16th

Minutes: Rousseau School Council Minutes – May16_2017

Tuesday April 18th

Agenda: April2017RousseauSchoolCouncilMeeting

Minutes: SCAgenda April 18

Tuesday March 28th

Agenda: SCAgenda March 28

Minutes: March2017SchoolCouncilMeeting

Tuesday February 21st

Agenda: February 21 Agenda

Minutes: February2017SchoolCouncilMeeting

Tuesday January 17th – CANCELLED

Agenda: January 17 Agenda


Tuesday December 20th


Minutes: December2016SchoolCouncilMeeting

Tuesday November 22nd

Agenda: november-22-agenda

Minutes: november2016schoolcouncilmeeting

Tuesday October 18th

Agenda: scagendaoct18

Minutes: october2016schoolcouncilminutes

Tuesday September 20th- a new executive will be voted for the school year

Agenda: SCAgendaSept20

Minutes: CopyofSCMinutes2016Septemberdraft.doc

2015-2016 Executive

School Council Chair & Vice Chair:  Kim Strecker and Danielle Curry

Co-Secretaries: Kaitryn Campbell & Stephanie Gasko

Treasurer: Tara Hamilton

The meeting dates for the 2015-2016 school year are:

Tuesday May 17th

Minutes: May 17 minutes

Tuesday April 19th

Tuesday March 22nd

Agenda: March 22 agenda

Minutes: March 22 minutes

Tuesday February 16th – meeting cancelled

Tuesday January 19th

Agenda: January 19 agenda

Minutes: January minutes


Tuesday November 17th

Agenda: November 17 agenda

Minutes: November minutes


Tuesday October 2oth

Agenda: October 20 agenda

Minutes: October minutes, School Council Purchases


Tuesday September 22nd – a new executive will be voted for the school year

Agenda: September 22, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: September minutes

2014-2015 Executive

School Council Chair & Vice Chair:  Laura Hustler & Kim Strecker

Co-Secretaries: Kaitryn Campbell & Stephanie Gasko

Treasurer: Tara Hamilton

School Councils – A Guide for Members

Parent Reps for 2014-2015

Ms. Barrow/Mrs. Crockett – Danielle Curry – danielle_curry@hotmail.com
Mrs. Raymond/Miss Fanjoy – Kim Strecker – kjstrecker@gmail.com
Mrs. Wolf – Laura Hustler – campbellkid2@hotmail.com
Mr. Lees – TBA
Mrs. Knight – Danielle Curry – danielle_curry@hotmail.com
Mr. Berg – Laura Manzine/Boja Trifunski-Potkonjaklmanzine@icloud.com or boja.trifunski@halton.ca
Mrs. Bennett – Natalie Vaillancourt – nataliekarinv@gmail.com
Mrs. Laws – Jane Steinberg – aussi_jane@hotmail.com
Mr. Obermeyer – Tara Hamilton/Kaitryn Campbell – tarahamilton9@gmail.com or kaitryn_chris@sympatico.ca
Ms. Fawcett – Tammy Mansfield – mansfieldonthelinks@gmail.com
Ms. Rankin – TBA

2014-2015 School Council Membership & Optional Self Nomination Form

The meeting dates for the 2014-2015 school year are:

Tuesday September 16th – a new executive will be voted for the school year

Agenda: September 16, 2014 Agenda

Minutes: September 16, 2014 Minutes

Tuesday October 21st

Agenda: October 21, 2014 Agenda

Minutes: October 21, 2014 Minutes

Tuesday November 18th

Agenda: November 18, 2014 Agenda

Minutes: November 18, 2014 Minutes

Tuesday January 20th

Agenda: January 20, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: January 20, 2015 Minutes

Tuesday February 17th

Agenda: February 17, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: February 17, 2015 Minutes

 Tuesday March 24th

Agenda: March 24, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: March 24, 2015 Minutes

Tuesday April 21st

Agenda: April 21, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: April 21, 2015 Minutes

Tuesday May 19th

Agenda: May 19, 2015 Agenda

Minutes: May 19, 2015 Minutes

Updated on Monday, March 09, 2020.
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