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Staff/Classroom Blogs

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Miss Aviva Dunsiger – JSA adunsige@hwdsb.on.ca, Miss Dunsiger’s Professional Blog, ELP 1 Class Blog

Mrs. Paula Crocket – JSA pcrocket@hwdsb.on.ca  ELP 1 Class Blog

Ms. Stacey Bishop – JSB sbishop@hwdsb.on.ca ELP2 Classroom Blog

Ms. Denise Carte Combs – JSB dcarte@hwdsb.on.ca

Ms. Suzy Sebeslav – JSC ssebesla@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. Peter Lees – Grade 1 Speech and Language Class pslees@hwdsb.on.ca

Miss Amanda Turco/ Mrs. Cindy Knight – Grade 1/2A aturco@hwdsb.on.ca Miss Turco’s Classroom Blog cknight@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Chantal Fernandez (Barrow) – Grade 1/2B cbarrow@hwdsb.on.ca, Mrs. Fernandez’ Classroom Blog,

Mr. Michael Berg – Grade 2/3A mberg@hwdsb.on.ca,  Mr. Berg’s Classroom Blog

Mr. Scott Johnson – Grade 2/3B smjohnso@hwdsb.on.ca, Mr. Johnson’s Twitter Feed

Mrs. Sheri Laws – Grade 3/4A slaws@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Christine Muschalla – Grade 4A cmuschal@hwdsb.on.ca  Mrs. Muschalla’s Classroom Blog

Mr. Stephen Obermeyer – Grade 5 sobermey@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Beth Bennett – Grade 5/6A bbennett@hwdsb.on.ca

Ms. Michelle Fawcett-Grade 6A mfawcett@hwdsb.on.ca  Ms. Fawcett’s Classroom Blog  Rousseau Music Blog

Miss S. Valla/ Ms. Colleen Hunter – French svalla@hwdsb.on.ca cehunter@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Caroline Stinson – Library/ French cjstinso@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. Ron O’Brien – Phys. Ed. robrien@hwdsb.on.ca

Mrs. Adrianne Crocker – Arts acrocker@hwdsb.on.ca

Ms. H. Ali/ Ms. Shaila Sinke – Phys. Ed./Arts hali@hwdsb.on.ca ssinke@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. Ryan Peters – Learning Resource rpeters@hwdsb.on.ca

Ms Anice Francis – Educational Assistant

Ms. Sarah Humphrey/ Ms. Felicia Williams – Educational Assistant

Ms. Lori White- Head Caretaker

Mr. Rob Steele – PM Caretaker

Mrs. Cathy Todd – Office Administrator ctodd@hwdsb.on.ca

Mr. John Gris – Principal jgris@hwdsb.on.ca  Mr. Gris’ Twitter Feed

Updated on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.
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