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Friday (March 11th) is “Clubs/Activites/Teams Spirit Day”!

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Friday (March 11th) is “Clubs/Activites/Teams Spirit Day”!

Hey, Rousseau! Do you have a special hobby or activity that you do outside of school? This Friday, we have a clubs, activities, and sports related spirt day! You can wear a tshirt, sweatshirt/hoody or hat from a HOBBY that you enjoy:

Horseback riding….choir or theatre or art class…a sports team that you are part of (or that you like to cheer on!)…Scouts or  Guides….a summer camp community that you are part of, etc.. You could even wear a shirt that represents something you collect (unicorns, Pokemon, etc) or something you love to watch (Paw Patrol, Stranger Things, etc.) Everyone is included!

[Please leave any accessories such as sports equipment at home – thank you!]

Let’s show our school spirit by sharing with each other all the things that we are interested in!

Rousseau Student Council

(written by Maeve & Ashton, Student Council Executive)

Updated on Monday, March 07, 2022.
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