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Literacy and Basic Skills Courses Being Offered for September

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Literacy and Basic Skills Courses Being Offered for September

HWDSB – Continuing Education has opportunities for adults 19 years and over to upgrade their skills for employment, to pursue further education, to complete their Ontario high school diploma or to learn skills to be more independent.  Classes are part-time with flexible schedules during the day and evening.  Classes start in September, but you can join any time.We have three different programs to meet your needs:

Academic Upgrading:
Prepares learners to get high school credits, to seek job advancement, or for a career change.  Must have CLB level of 5 in Reading and Writing.

Essential Skills Upgrading:
For learners with beginning and intermediate literacy and numeracy skills, or learners with developmental disabilities.  Learners build soft skills, increase their independence, prepare for high school credits, and develop skills for employment.

Cornerstone Targeted Training:
Provides short-term training for learners wanting to gain specific skills for employment or increased independence.  Course topics currently include: G1 Licence Literacy Preparation, Soft Skills Training, Food Handler Certificate Preparation, and numeracy preparation for pre-apprenticeship.  Must have CLB 5 in Speaking and Listening.

Hill Park Learning Centre (465 E 16th St)
City Learning Centre (Jackson Square, opening Sept 2019)

Angela Parkin
905.561.2190 x4757

or submit a request to be contacted here.

Updated on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.
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