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R.A. Riddell
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Bell Times

8:50 AM - 3:10 PM


Kelly Sweeting - 905-387-3350 | Email


Marianne McLaughlin | Email


Adnan Shahbaz - 905.527.5092 x 2622 | E-mail Adnan Shahbaz


Becky Buck - 905.515.2367 | E-mail Becky Buck

School Council Chair

  •  Chair
  •  C0-Chair

Our School

R.A. Riddell elementary school is located on Hamilton’s West Mountain just south of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway. The school serves 745 students representing a variety of languages and cultures. The school was built in 1973 and has gone through a number of renovations. We created a weight room and an exercise room. Our most recent renovation replaced the tile floor in the gym with a state of the art wooden floor.

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of all students.  As part of our Boards Program of Choice initiative, we have been assigned the HWDSB Sport Academy Program. Student athletes in grade 6, 7 & 8 from all over the region are part of this special Programs of Choice. Our students and parents value the educational and extra curricular opportunities available and work hard to maximize these opportunities. We receive support from community partnerships formed with McMaster University, Neighbour to Neighbour, Today’s Family Childcare, Charles Stuart University, Brock University and our dedicated community volunteers.

Programs & Services

Student Success Supports

  • Neighbour to Neighbour Reading Program
  • Nutrition Program
  • Soar to Success Reading Intervention Program
  • Adult Volunteers
  • Library Volunteers
  • ESL Classes support R.A. Riddell’s English Language Learners (nearly 11% of the student population)
  • Learning Resource Programs

Program Highlights

Sport Academy Program

Club and High Potential Athletes

Basketball Focus

Sport Academies have been in existence in Canada for over twenty years. The Academies provide a supportive learning environment and flexible timetabling to allow students enrolled in the program the opportunity to significantly advance their athletic skills while achieving a high level of academic success.


  • A future in which all students achieve their full potential


  • Educating all students to become life long learners and contributing citizens in a challenging, changing multi-cultural world

Core Commitments

  • We will model behaviours and choices that demonstrate a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.
  • We will encourage students to discover their individual skills and potential.
  • We will build their confidence through supporting their endeavours and celebrating their successes.
  • With the help of McMaster University, and HWDSB, the school has installed a new fitness center. Add to this two gyms, one of which is 90 x 56 ft with a state-of-the-art wooden floor, and Riddell becomes a perfect facility at which to train.

Program Highlights:

  • Sport Academy Program
  • Club and High Potential Athletes
  • Basketball Focus
  • Use of two fitness centers and air conditioned 90 x 50 foot gym with a   wooden floor
  • Flexible academic programming to accommodate individual training needs.
  • Grade 6, 7, and 8 Basketball Focus
  • Grade 7 & 8 club/ high potential
  • Training at McMaster University
  • ESL classes
  • Instrumental Music Gr. 6-8
  • Differentiated Physical Education Program for Middle School students


  • Student Council
  • Forest of Reading
  • Sketching Club
  • Checkers
  • Grade 3 & 6 Book club
  • Kindergarten Helpers
  • Bus Monitors
  • Lunchroom Helpers
  • Nutrition Volunteers
  • Green Gals- Environmental Club
  • Nature Club

Before/After School Program or Activities

  • Basketball
  • Instrumental Music- Band
  • Track & Field
  • Cross Country
  • Orienteering
  • Junior & Middle School Swim Teams
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Flag Football
  • Floor Hockey
  • Pinball
  • Intramural Sports at Lunch

Our School Plan

Curriculum Focus

  • Comprehensive Literacy
  • Shared and Guided Reading Focus
  • Writing Content Focus-Write Traits
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Mathematics- Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Learning through technology

Our Curriculum Initiative will continue to focus on helping students improve their reading, writing, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We are committed to using technology as a learning tool. With the help of our staff, parents and volunteers we have a wonderful Learning Community that believes in helping all students achieve their full potential.

Environment Focus

  • We have a monthly Character Education focus and recognition assemblies
  • We highlight a learning skills focus each week and choose students of the week and hold weekly “Caught’ya” draws
  • “School Letter” program enables students to earn their school letter based on their involvement in all aspects of the school
  • We continue to collect data about our students to inform instructional practice
  • Staff and students at RA Riddell are focusing on Character Education. Anti-bullying strategies combined with monthly character traits form the foundation of daily respectful interaction. It is very important that all members of our community interact with each other in a respectful manner. Adults are important role models for our younger students and can encourage them to make the right decisions.We want all students to feel safe at school.

Parent & Community Involvement


  • Co-op Placements from Secondary School
  • Today’s Family Daycare
  • Student Teacher placements in grades K-8
  • Neighbour to Neighbour Primary Reading Program
  • Nutrition Program support from local business (Johnston Motors)


  • Active School Council
  • Involved in Curriculum and Environment Initiatives
  • Volunteer opportunities
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