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Queen Mary

Staff List

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Kindergarten Team

Ms McKenna/Ms. Paglia
Ms. Foster/Mrs. Pell
Mrs. Tirimacco/Ms. Kozlowski
Ms. Allan/Ms. Fuentes
Ms. Abraham/Ms. Khan

Primary Team

Grade 1 Ms. Plyley (1A)
Grade 1 Mrs. Arlen (1B)
Grade 1/2 Mrs. Shaw (1/2A)
Grade 1/2 Mrs. Root (1/2B)
Grade 2 Mrs. Donaldson (2A)
Grade 2/3 Mrs. Djordjevich (2/3A)
Grade 3 Mrs. Krikorian

Junior Team

Grade 3/4 Mrs. Skinner (3/4A)
Grade 3/4 Mrs. Steeves (3/4B)
Grade 4/5 Mr. Hall (4/5A)
Grade 4/5 Ms. Addison (4/5B)
Grade 5/6 Mrs. Kreuzer (5/6A)
Grade 5/6 Ms, Brown (5/6B)
Grade 5/6 Mr. King (5/6C)
Grade 6 Mrs. Szewczyk

Intermediate Team

Grade 7/8 Ms. Wright (7/8A)
Grade 7/8 Mr. Toth (7/8B)
Grade 7/8 Mrs. Fleet (7/8C)
Grade 7/8 Ms. Perrotta (7/8D)

Specialty Subjects

Multiple Exceptionalities Ms. Hucal
Student Success (gr 7/8) Ms. Kellie
Primary Junior subjects Ms. Amaria-Foster
French Mr. Gregotski
French Mme Fudge
Mohawk Language Mrs. Provo
Music Mr. Ghobril
Physical Education Ms. Atehortua

Learning Resource Teachers

Ms. Rizza (Reading Specialist)
Ms. Radotic
Ms. Jepson
Mr. Clayton

Educational Assistants

Ms. Hewitt Ms. Beaulieu Ms. Kowalski
Ms. Brooks Ms. Miller Ms. Walls
Ms. Correia Mrs. Barbosa Ms. Johnson
Ms. Patterson Ms. Parks  Ms. Watson
Ms. Kyle Ms. Roberts


Ms. Wajmer/Mrs. Albanese

Social Worker

Ms. Falletta

Custodial Staff

Mr. Borsellino

Ms. Angeloni

Mr. Simpson


Office Staff

Ms. McNeill, Principal ([email protected])
Mrs. Marino, Vice Principal
 Ms. Brown, Office Administrator
 Ms. Cooper, Office Assistant


Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2024.
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