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Smoke and Vape Free School Protocol

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Partnership: This protocol is being developed in partnership with:

• City of Hamilton Public Health Services (PHS)

• Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB)

Goal: To establish a Smoke and Vape-Free Schools Protocol defining the roles and responsibilities of the City of Hamilton Public Health Services when working with School Board staff and property.

Rationale for Smoke and Vape-Free Schools:

• Healthy lifestyles benefit both individuals and society. One positive lifestyle choice that students can make is to remain smoke and vape-free.

• By making tobacco, cannabis and electronic cigarette use less desirable, less acceptable and less accessible, youth will be less likely to smoke/vape.

• To promote and support smoke and vape-free living, a comprehensive approach is needed; this includes prevention, protection, cessation and denormalization. Multiple intervention components such as preventative education and complementary community-wide strategies are necessary for lasting reductions in use. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act:

• Consistent with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (2017), smoking and holding lighted tobacco or cannabis, or use of electronic cigarettes to vape any substance anywhere in the school or on school property by anyone, at anytime is prohibited. (See Appendix 1).

• Supplying or sale of tobacco or electronic cigarettes to minors under 19 years of age is prohibited and if witnessed, should be reported (SFOA).

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the City of Hamilton Public Health Services have partnered to establish a protocol for smoke and vape-free schools.

In accordance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, smoking cannabis or tobacco and vaping any substance is prohibited anywhere on school property and in public areas within 20 metres of the perimeter of the school grounds. If you are caught smoking or vaping in school or on school property, you may be ticketed and fined. Fines start at $305.


Updated on Sunday, October 02, 2022.
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