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HWDSB Building


A+ A-


Mme  Constable – Principal

Mrs. J. Osmond – Office Administrator


Mr. N. Stirling – Head Caretaker

Natalie Beaudin 1A
Tiffany Peers 1B
Amanda Bennie 2A
Melanie Smith 2B
Megan Foster 2/3A
Melissa Letchford 3A
Sarah Cugino 3/4A
Cassie Mizzi 4A
Alexis Flett 4/5A
Aaron Strong 5A
Julie Melanson 6A
Laura Field 6B
Katie Fernandes 7A
Peter Lanillos 7/8A
Cindy Collins 8A
Karen Strong Learning Resource
Tracey Shi Learning Resource
Lina Rupwate-Holden Music/Drama
Vanessa R. Falco Library / Media/Phys Ed
Nicole Darlington Library / Media/Phys Ed
Catherine Federchuk Phys Ed / Dance
Sandra Constable Principal
Jodie Osmond Office Administrator
Nick Stirling Head Caretaker
Ivo Biancucci Assistant Caretaker
Updated on Monday, October 31, 2022.
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