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School Council

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School Councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario. They provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.

Michaelle Jean School Council members make recommendations to the principal and the school board on any matter. Principals and school boards, in turn, consult with our School Council on a variety of matters that affect student learning. They must also consider recommendations made by School Council and report back to the Council on how they plan to act on their advice.
All Michaelle Jean parents/caregivers are welcome to attend the meetings.  We appreciate your ongoing support.

Michaelle Jean School Council 2023-2024

Chair: Paul Hatala

Treasurer: Kiran Javid

Secretary: Suzanne Hall

Staff Representative: Megan Rempel

Community Representative: Jennifer Miles (Umbrella)

Voting Members:

Lesley Billingsley, Jessica Ducharme, Emanuela Lippa-Crawford, Megan Foster, Rani Grant Zahed, Suzanne Hall, Paul Hatala, Kiran Javaid, Crista Jopp, Kham Keochanh, Jennifer Miles, Wendy Mahabir, Mike Nafekh, Jen Omar, Maria Patrineli, Jun/Jaia Rabago, Trish Rayner, Joanna Seymour, Karen Small, Elisha Szafran, Shiny Thomas

Meeting Dates: Sept. 21st, Oct. 19th, Nov. 23rd, Jan. 18th, Feb 22nd, Mar. 21st, Apr. 18th, May 16th


School Council Minutes/Documents for 2023-24

MJ School Council 05 Meeting Minutes February 22 2024

MJ School Council 04 Meeting Minutes January 18, 2024

MJ School Council 03 Meeting Minutes November 23 2023

MJ School Council 02 Meeting Minutes October 19 2023approved

MJ School Council 01 Meeting Minutes September 21 2023



MJ School Council ByLaws (Rev Jan 2024)





School Council Minutes for 2022-23

MJ School Council 07 Meeting Minutes May 25 2023

MJ School Council Meeting Minutes March 30 2023

MJ School Council Meeting Minutes Septemeber 2022

MJ School Council Meeting Minutes October 2022

MJ School Council Meeting Minutes November 2022

Extra Curriculars at MJ

School Council letter Sept

MJ School Council Minutes November 2021

MJ School Council Minutes February 2022

minutes September 28th 2021

Updated on Monday, April 22, 2024.
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