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Gatestone Staff

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Gatestone Staff 2020 – 2021

Please e-mail gatestone@hwdsb.on.ca to connect with any of our staff members.  Our office staff will forward your message to the appropriate staff member for support.

Staff Name Grade/Assignment
K. Reilly-Scott Principal
D. Hazell Temporary Vice-Principal for M. Biederman
K. Ashton


Office Administrator
C. Mason Office Administrator
R. Cino Kindergarten 1
K. Tortola DECE Kindergarten 1
P. Johnson Kindergarten 2
S. Pauls DECE Kindergarten 2
A. Flis Kindergarten 3
A. Rego DECE Kindergarten 3
C. O’Marra Grade 1A
K. Benedict 1/2A
A. Brown 2/3A
J. Penner 2/3B
S. McCormack 3A
M. Kuczerepa 4A
A. MacNab 4B
C. Nash 5A
M. Bartlett 5/6A
J. Whittle 5/6B
J. Taylor & S. Sorman 6A
M. Wunsche 5-8 Comprehensive Program
T. Caco 6/7A
B. Gould 7A
Akarika Dawn 7/8A
S. Graham 8A
D. Pidberezny 8B
M. Barber Learning Commons/Prep Coverage
L. Dunstall Learning Resource Teacher
M. Moore Learning Resource Teacher
J. Lamarre Intermediate Core French
A. Verbeek Junior Core French
D. Lane Physical Education & Health
S. Batenburg Reading Specialist
A. Gaudin Educational Assistant
C. Kennedy Educational Assistant
K. Kersley Educational Assistant
P. Barnett (M. Blake-Foster LTO) Educational Assistant
L. Rezo (C. Martinez-Herrera LTO) Educational Assistant
L. Plevel (Head Caretaker)

R. Palmieri

R. Butts

L. Macqueen

Caretaking Team
Remote Learning Staff

M. Pliura

K. Schmidt

G. Vinall

J. Smith

E. Salverda

Remote Learning



Updated on Friday, January 29, 2021.
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