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School Council

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School Council is open to all community members and parents who wish to become involved in continuing to grow Gatestone.  You don’t need to commit large amounts of time.

Council Nomination Form

Council Members 2019-2020

  • Krystal Legge (Chair)
  • Renee Ringer (Secretary)
  • Tanya Leary (Fundraiser Rep)
  • Nair Lacruz (Treasurer)
  • Tris Morrow (Chair Support, Voting Member)
  • Jen Graham (Voting Member)
  • Chantelle Davies (Voting Member)
  • Sanja Kekic (Voting Member)
  • Donna Dyer (Voting Member)
  • Billy Dhillon (Voting Member)
  • Dripan Jauhal
  • Hannah Pynckel
  • Corene Omarra (Teacher Rep)
  • Kylie Schmidt (Teacher Rep)
  • Sue Kowch (Community Rep and Onsite Umbrella Day Care Manager)
  • Kelly Reilly-Scott (Principal) Sherry Del Mastro (Vice Principal)

Agendas and Meeting Minutes 2019-2020.

School Meetings this year will take place at 6:30PM. November 4, January 20, March 30, May 25.

School Council Meeting Agenda & Notes Sept. 30

Agendas and Meeting Minutes 2018-2019.

May 15 School Council Principal Report

School Council Meeting March 21

School Council Financial Report

February 11 School Council Meeting Minutes

Nov. 30 Meeting Minutes

Oct. 29 Meeting Minutes

September 27 Meeting Minutes

Agendas and Meeting Minutes 2017-18

Agendas and Meeting Minutes 2016-17

Minutes of Previous Meetings for 2015-16


Updated on Tuesday, October 01, 2019.
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