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HWDSB Trustees Approve Gatestone Boundary Review  

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HWDSB Trustees Approve Gatestone Boundary Review  

MARCH 7 UPDATE: As part of the Gatestone and Shannen Koostachin Boundary Review decision, Gatestone Elementary School will be open to Out-of-Catchment students for the 2024-25 school year. The application form is linked below.

Applications intended for September 2024 are due March 22 by 4 p.m. All applications received by this date will receive a response by March 29. Application forms may be submitted to the school’s email address (no signature required) or a printed copy (signed) may be brought to the school office.

Application Form: 2024-25 Gatestone Out-of-Catchment

At the February 26 Board Meeting, HWDSB Trustees approved the final report for the Gatestone and Shannen Koostachin Elementary School Boundary Review. Click here to access the full report. 

The report, which was shared with school communities last week, was first presented at the February 20 Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting. Click here to read last week’s message. 

The decision will be implemented for September 2024. HWDSB staff will continue to review enrolments each year to ensure the success of the strategy. Click here to learn more about the Boundary Review. 

A Transition Committee will soon be formed, with a focus on best supporting students, staff, families and community members through the changes. It provides an opportunity to share input, advice and recommendations to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Click here to learn more about Transition Committees.  

Gatestone Boundary Review – Background Information 

At the May 8, 2023 Board Meeting, Trustees approved the 2023-24 Accommodation Strategy Schedule. This Boundary Review was undertaken to establish a new boundary between the two schools to better balance enrolments and reduce reliance on portables at Shannen Koostachin.  

The short-term goal of the review was to alleviate increasing accommodation pressures at Shannen Koostachin due to residential development and utilize existing space at Gatestone. The long-term goal was to ensure the schools are operating within the Long-Term Facilities Master Plan Guiding Principles of an optimal utilization range of 90% to 110% to ensure equitable access to school facilities and programming. 

For more information, visit the HWDSB Boundary Reviews webpage or email [email protected] with additional questions.   

Updated on Thursday, March 07, 2024.
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