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Eastdale School Council

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Hello Eastdale Families

This is the place to visit to get all the information from Eastdale’s School Council.



2020-2021 School Year


School Council October 2020
Power point
October Minutes Eastdale SC 2020
Approved November 30th
School Council November 2020
Power point
Eastdale School Council Minutes November 1 2021 (1)
April 2022 Eastdale Council Minutes
School Council 2023-2024
Meeting Agenda – Eastdale Public School (Oct 2023)
Meeting Minutes October 2023
Eastdale Parent Council Meeting – Oct 2023
Meeting Agenda – Dec 4th 2023
Meeting Agenda – Eastdale School (Dec 2023) (2)
– Eastdale School Council Minutes (Dec 2023)
Meeting with Board on school population and facility concerns –
Monday February 5th 2023.
Meeting Agenda-March 4th 2024
Meeting Agenda – Eastdale Public School (Mar 2024)
March 4th minutes need to be approved before posted.
Meeting Agenda– May 6th 2024
Eastdale Parent Council Meeting – May 2024
Updated on Tuesday, May 07, 2024.
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