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Staff Changes at Dundana

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Staff Changes at Dundana

As our school year winds down, it is time to say good bye to some of the familiar faces around Dundana.  Many of our staff members will be moving on to other positions around the school board next year.

To the following staff – thank you for all that you have done here at Dundana!  We will miss you.

  • Mrs Johnston
  • Mme Godley
  • Ms. Galapoulos (Ms. G)
  • Ms. Sun
  • Ms. Greene
  • Ms. Stephenson
  • Mme Lagos
  • Mlle Kahana

Because our students didn’t get the opportunity to “meet” their new teachers at the end of this year, as is our typical practice, the staff put together some introductions.  You can find them here:

2020 2021 Staff Information

This webpage on our Dundana website will be updated again prior to school starting, to advise of additions or changes.  As this is not a typical start up this year, I encourage families to watch the school and board websites beginning in mid-August to better understand any new procedures, requirements and restrictions.  Both the provincial and board personnel will be working diligently through the summer to plan for the best support we can provide our students, staff and community in a safe way upon schools re-opening.

Have a safe and restful summer!

Updated on Thursday, June 25, 2020.
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